The hardest sports in the world

<span>The hardest sports in the world</span>
<span>The hardest sports in the world</span>

There are many different sports at different levels of difficulty, here we will take a closer look at the hardest sports in the world. There are Boxing, Martial arts, Bull Riding, and Water Polo alongside ironman triathlon and horse eventing to name but a few.

Let’s start off with the history of water polo, water polo began as an exhibition of swimming skills and body strength during the mid-19th century, in England and Scotland. Water polo was one of the first sports to be shown at the 1900 Olympic Games, the ball used is made of air-tight nylon and is a similar size to the football.

The rules of water polo were developed in the late 19th century in the UK by a man named William Wilson. William was the first bath master of the Arlington Baths Club in Glasgow. The first game of aquatic football was held in the late 1800s in the Arlington Baths Club, the club was founded in 1870. An Indian rubber ball was used during these times. Water polo is famous all over the world today, including countries like the United States, Croatia, Brazil, Spain, South Africa, Germany, Canada, Italy, Sweden, and Portugal.

The rules of water polo have been the same since they were established in the 19th century. Let’s take a look over some of the playing rules, the number of players in the pool for both teams shouldn’t pass 14, with 12 substitutes that is 7 players starting on each side plus 6 each substituted on the bench. All players must wear a cap to protect their heads and ears, each team will have their own colour of the cap and usually, the goalkeeper has a different colour to the other team members.

The recommended pool dimensions are 30 x 20 meters for men and 25 x 20 meters for women. With the water level being at 1.8 meters (6 feet). In a deep pool, the home team starts on the left side and the teams switch sides at halftime, in a shallow pool, a coin will be tossed to decide who gets what side. As the referee blows his whistle both teams swim to the middle of the pool, this is called the “sprint “or the “swim-off” and the referee drops the ball into the water. This will occur 4-6 times per match.

Now let’s have a little look into some of the other hardest sports in the world. Boxing has been around for many years, with reports dating back to the 3rd millennium BC. Middle-eastern people and Egyptians were holding Boxing events where fighters had either bare-knuckle fights or hands wrapped in bandages with no other protection used. Today we have headgear and mouth guards, and a controlled environment with leather boxing gloves for the hands, a referee, and a boxing ring.

It is the same sort of thing with Martial Arts, Indian martial arts is linked with religion and spirituality and is practiced by monks and nuns. It is believed it has health benefits alongside being good for the soul. The term martial arts means “Arts of Mars” the Roman god of war. Chinese Martial arts originated during the Xia Dynasty over 4000 years ago and is also very popular with monks. Back then there were no rings or gloves and protection, it was bare knuckles and body wrestling. All of these combat sports being considered hard sports due to their violence and fitness levels involved.

Gymnastics is another hard sport, it can be dated back to ancient Greece, by the end of the 19th-century Gymnastics become very popular and was entered into the first Olympic games. With many different disciplines such as Artistic, Rhythmic, Acrobatic, and aerobic. It is considered a hard sport because of the body movements involved. Contests can be for women and men alike and are held all over the world. The training involved in this sport is very physically challenging and demanding, making it a hard sport to learn.

Let’s take a good look at another one of the top hardest sports in the world.

Bull riding is a rodeo sport in which a rider has to get on top of a 1400 to 1600 pound bull and stay on whilst the bull is trying forcefully to knock you off, it is called buckling. Meanwhile, there are 4 judges scoring the rider out of 100, with 70-80 being the average score by professionals. It is said to be the most dangerous 8 seconds in sporting history. Bull riding dates back to the Minoan culture around 3000 BC. Also being considered a dangerous sport due to the brutality of the bull’s behaviour, bulls are tamed by humans in order to participate in bull riding. To this day bull riding still exists in different countries such as the UK, the US, Mexico, Japan, China, and Spain, France, Italy, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

We have touched on a couple of the hardest sports in the world, starting with the reported hardest. But let’s look over other hardest sports in the world. We have sports such as Swimming, Skiing, Motor cross, Figure skating, Horseback riding, Cross country running, Bodybuilding, Freestyle wrestling, Ice hockey, Rugby union, NFL, AFL, big wave surfing, decathlon, rugby, and Gaelic football is another hard contact sport.

Gaelic football strings back to around the year 1885, and consists of 15 players a team. The objective of the game is to score by kicking or punching the spherical leather ball that looks similar to the volleyball. Combinations of carrying, bouncing, hand-passing, drop-kicking, and kicking. Gaelic football is one of four sports under the term of the Gaelic games, alongside Camogie and Hurling.

So, we have looked over the hardest sports in the world starting with water polo, and bull riding, boxing, martial arts, and Gaelic football, one thing all these have in common is that they are dangerous sports and injuries can happen. Making them some of the hardest sports games to date.

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